Zoom - Getting a free account

Zoom - Getting a free account

Basic Process:

  1. Visit https://asburyseminary.zoom.us/
  2. Click on the Download link to download the client and install it on your computer
  3. To sign in, click on the "Sign in with SSO" button
  4. Enter your full Seminary email address - It will open your web browser to our CAS login
  5. Enter your login information and it will alert you that it wants to "Open another application" Click OK
  6. You are now signed in to the Zoom client

Downloading the Client for Meetings

And click on the "Download" button
Seminary Zoom Page

Download and install the client by running the file that is downloaded and following the instructions for your operating system.

Sign in to your account

You can log in through the desktop client.
Click on the "Sign in with SSO" option on the right side.

Client login

Then type in your full Seminary email address in the box provided to search for your domain.
Domain login
Then login through the Seminary CAS login and then allow the opening of the Zoom app

allow app
You are now logged into the Zoom desktop client.

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