Zoom and Zoom Rooms

Zoom and Zoom Rooms

Zoom is Asbury Seminary's video conferencing solution. All Seminary students, faculty, and staff have the ability to use Zoom on their computers and mobile devices for video calling for up to 40 minutes at a time or longer for one-to-one calls.

Asbury Seminary Zoom: asburyseminary.zoom.us

Zoom on your device: 

For Zoom on your work or personal computing devices please see these helpful resources: 

Zoom Rooms

We have several Zoom Rooms available as well: four on the Wilmore campus and three on the Orlando campus, with more on the way. There is a PDF guide for Zoom Rooms HERE and available for download attached to this article. That will show the basic functions of Zoom Rooms and Orient you to the interface. 

Zoom Rooms can be used to join or start meetings in the cloud. If you have a scheduled meeting and have invited remote participants with a meeting ID, you must use that ID through the Join button on the iPad. Be careful not to "call" a room through the iPad if there is a scheduled meeting ID. This can cause people to be kicked out of a meeting or prevent them from joining because "calling" a room creates a new meeting. Only choose the meeting room directly when you do not have anyone connecting remotely to the meeting through a scheduled meeting ID. 

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